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Here are some technical details that I've learned in the last few months.


  • Higher resolution is always better.
  • Repeated lossy compression is evil.
  • Always keep the original.

Digital camera[edit]

  • Set your digital camera to the highest resolution possible.
  • Set the JPEG compression to the highest quality possible.


  • Always upload the original, uncropped image first. Someone else might want to crop it differently.
  • Don't use Photoshop or the Gimp to crop a JPEG file. The remaining part of the image will lose quality. Instead, use jpegtran, which can do various lossless transformations.


  • Use pnmpsnr to verify that two images are identical, for example when converting TIFF to PNG.
  • Use pngcrush to losslessly reduce the size of a PNG file.
  • Use pnmcrop to crop a diagram to its bounding box.
  • Choose a good name for your image.
    • Avoid CamelCase.
    • For an artwork, use the title.
    • Otherwise, use something descriptive.