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Xiang or Hsiang may refer to:

  • Xiang (place), the site of Hong Xiuquan's destruction of a Chinese idol early in the Taiping Rebellion
  • Xiang (surname), three unrelated surnames: Chinese: 項 and Chinese: 向 (both Xiàng) and Chinese: 相 (Xiāng)
  • Xiang Chinese, a group of Chinese varieties spoken in Hunan
  • Xiang Island (simplified Chinese: 响沙; traditional Chinese: 響沙; pinyin: Xiǎngshā), a former island in the Yangtze estuary now forming part of Chongming Island in Shanghai
  • Xiang River, river in South China
  • Hunan, abbreviated in Chinese as 湘 (Xiāng), a province of China

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