Abertzaleen Batasuna

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Abertzaleen Batasuna
IdeologyBasque nationalism
Left-wing nationalism
Abertzale left
Revolutionary Socialism

Abertzaleen Batasuna (AB; English: Patriot's Union or Unity) is a Basque political party in France.


It is the largest Basque nationalist party of the French Basque Country gathering around 10% of the votes in this territory[citation needed]. Its immediate goal is the establishment of a Pays Basque département out of Pyrénées-Atlantiques. In terms of ideology, besides Basque nationalist, it is a leftist political party.


It was founded as an electoral platform and in 2001 it was redesigned as a political party.[1] In 2001, members of AB who desired a stronger link to Southern Basques left to form the Northern branch of Batasuna, a different party with a similar ideology which is now illegal in Spain.

AB neither justifies nor condemns the violence of ETA, calling instead for a truce. ETA has scolded[2] AB for this lack of support from what is seen as a friendly organization.

The opinion newspaper most related to AB is Enbata.

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